Further to applicable regulations of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., (Civil Code), we help clients to tackle their life situations in the light of family law, representing them, e.g., before courts in proceedings relating divorce, both contested and uncontested.

In connection with divorce proceedings, or even out of those, services are offered in proceedings relating education and nutrition of minors; here too, we represent clients in relevant court hearings.

Another part of the family law agenda is that of community marital property. For our clients, guidance is rendered in the area of arrangement of an agreed mode of community marital property prior to entering marriage. Moreover, we dispose of a wealth of expertise with negotiations on settling the community marital property taking place either during the divorce proceedings, or subsequently, in the aftermath of the divorce.

Assistance in disputes on determination of maintenance of minors and youth of legal age or, as the case may be, of a divorced or non-divorced spouse, constitutes segment of our legal services portfolio. Should the obligor fail to pay maintenance on appropriate deadlines, our law firm renders legal assistance in court proceedings on recovery of maintenance; our legal services are moreover offered in case of – consistent with applicable criminal regulations – a potential criminal complaint lodgement against a nonpayer.