For our clients, we will draw up contractual documents of all types (e.g. rental contract, contract for work, loan contract, gift contract, purchase contract, etc.) as per the client´s instruc­tions and requirements. In reference of the new Civil Code, i.e. Act No. 89/2012 Coll., coming into force, we can make arrangements for conducting a review of all client´s contracts so that those are consistent with the aforementioned act. Within the above mentioned area of law, we moreover deal with the provision of a full-scale legal service concerning real-estate properties, applicable particularly for real estate agencies, developers, housing coops (incl. safeguarding the privatization thereof), and suchlike.

We provide representation of clients before courts of any and all instances throughout the Czech Republic, in a wide range of disputes such as, e.g., recovery of claims, legal rights to the possessions of real property, neighbourhood disputes, disputes ensuing from a contract, etc.

Further, we provide legal advice and representation in inheritance disputes, and/or in disputes related thereto. For our clients, we provide a full-scale service regarding legal relations to real estate properties (e.g. the sale and/or donation thereof, creation of an easement, and suchlike), including application for incorporation to the cadastre register, and tax return submission.

Insolvency proceedings constitute another segment of our law firm´s agenda. We ensure both the drawing up of the insolvency petition, lodgement of creditors´ claims, and representation of clients in any and all forms of insolvency proceedings.