For our clients, we particularly make arrangements for defence in criminal cases before courts of any and all instances throughout the Czech Republic. Referring to defence in criminal proceedings, a variety of forms of diversions in criminal proceedings such as that of, e.g., the settlement contract, conditional discontinuance of criminal prosecution, etc., which our law firm will gladly intermediate for the client.

Apart from the accused and defendants in criminal proceedings, we also deal with representation of persons aggrieved by criminal activity, with emphasis upon punishment of the offender and attainment of damage compensation (both non-proprietary and proprietary) as early as in criminal proceedings.

In connection with criminal proceedings, our services are moreover available at the moment of drawing up a criminal complaint, as well as during subsequent communication with appropriate authorities of the Police of the Czech Republic and Public Prosecutor´s Of­fice.

In case an amicable solution of the criminal matter, our law firm will arrange for the services of a collaborating mediator, consistent with the provisions of Act No. 202/2012 Coll., (Mediation Act).