Further, for our clients, we do provide services in the area of recovery of claims. The services particularly comprise the elaboration of pre-action notices to the client´s debtors, followed by filing a motion to issue a judicial order to pay or, as the case may be, a lawsuit. In case of a conclusive ruling or conclusive judicial order to pay, we propose the option of a petition for a writ of execution to be filed through our law firm, including such client´s repre­sentation within entire distraint proceedings.

On a regular basis checks are performed on whether insolvency proceedings were initiated against any of the client´s debtors and should this prove to be the case, our law firm will draw up, on client´s behalf, an application of his claim for insolvency proceedings, with all mandatory annexes attached, so that the client´s claim be properly administered in the insolvency proceedings. Even after the application is filed, we continue monitoring the status of the registered claim in the insolvency register, and the client is informed on any and all changes without undue delay.

All activities mentioned hereabove are pursued both for individual, separate claims, and for entire sets of claims that are at the clients´ disposal (i.e. collective recovery of claims).