We provide comprehensive services in the area of real estate law, both in the domain of civil law and construction law. For our clients we can make arrangements for relevant contracts (such as on property purchase, on creation of an easement, contract of pledge, contract of donation or, as the case may be, contract on establishment of the building right, and suchlike) to be drawn up. Subsequently, we will prepare and propose a motion for incorporation/di­sincorporation of the property in/from the real estate cadastre. In connection with the settlement of the cost of property transfer, our law firm offers the option of using our solicitor´s safe custody as a way of a safe settlement of the price (see above section referred to as Solicitor´s cus­tody).

Moreover, we are no strangers to rental/lease contracts and sublease/sub-tenancy contracts. Those are elaborated at the request of both the lessor/landlord, and the lessee/tenant.

Also, we offer comprehensive legal services for developer projects, privatization of residential property, as well as for real estate agencies.

As far as construction law is concerned, we offer services in the area of zoning permission proceedings (on, e.g., building site location, construction modification, land utilisation change) and in construction area (building permit). We draw up proposals and applications for building authorities and further related proceedings, providing representation of the builder, developer, and/or the stakeholder in proceedings associated with the building work.