Solicitor´s safe custody is an institute amended by Decree No. 3/2008 of the Czech Bar Association, that may be used to protect one´s own finances and other valuables. The custody of client funds on the solicitor´s special bank account is largely used in case of execution of obligations arising from contracts (such as, e.g., property purchase and sale). The party obliged to perform shall consign the predetermined amount on the solicitor´s ac­count, and the latter will pay the amount in question to the other Party´s account only after the terms specified in the contract are fulfilled. In case that the other Party failed to meet the conditions set out in the contract, the solicitor will disburse the values stored in his safe custody back to the bank account of the party that had deposited those thereon. In such case, the solicitor acts as a third independent person who takes over to safe deposit money or, as the case may be, other values that constitute the subject of the contractual relationship; when disbursing such money (or any such values), the solicitor is obliged to abide by the terms and conditions of the Contract for Safekeeping.

What our clients are particularly provided with whenever employing the option of solicitor custody offered by our office, are secrecy, a thoroughly elaborated Contract for Safekeeping, the solicitor´s in­surance, and costs below those charged in case of notary and/or court custodies.

The service of solicitor safe-keeping is provided in both Czech koruna (CZK) and EUR.

Solicitor custody is not exclusively intended for solely safe-keeping of money; when necessary, it may moreover be made use of for the protection of important documents such as securities and/or other sensitive deeds.