Within the said area, our clients-employers are in particular offered preparation of employment and/or managerial contracts, drawing up internal regulations and of work codes as per the requirements thereof. Advice is provided to clients in case of negotiations on severance pay, rewards and bonuses to which their employees are entitled. For employees acting concurrently as chief executives/exe­cutive directors, our law firm provides drafting agency contracts and adjustment of the position of administrative bodies within the company.

Clients-employees are welcome approaching us in instances such as discrimination at workplace, unlawful dismissal on the part of the employer, and/or non-payment of regards and bonus which they are entitled to. Clients are provided with professional legal consultation, and a relevant proposal is elaborated for the court at which such client is represented by our law firm.

Our law firm moreover deals with representation before courts in disputes to do with liability for damage cause by both the employee and employer. Also, legal advice is rendered to employees who, having suffered an occupational accident, seek compensation for their health detriment.