Our law firm offers even services in the area of protection of your interests towards intangible assets. We make arrangements for trade mark registration, represent clients in proceedings ruled by the Industrial Property Authority, namely both in proceedings on trade mark application, and in proceedings on objections to a competitive application. We offer carrying out specialist research prior to filing an application for registration, and legal advice during negotiations with the counterparty.

Based on client´s needs, we prepare licence contracts and subsequently have them registered by competent authorities.

Moreover, we represent clients even in disputes against organisations such as OSA , INTERGRAM , OAZA, and suchlike, providing services to clients during representation thereof in case of unjustified interference with their rights protected by the provisions of the Copyright Act or of other acts, including the requirement of phasing out interventions, return of matters into the previous status, and reimbursement of both proprietary and non-proprietary damage caused to them due to the abovementioned unjustified interference.