For our clients, we provide advice in processes of setting up, status change, conversion, and wind-up of trading companies and cooperatives in accordance with the Act on Corporations and other related laws. In collaboration with the client, we will prepare any and all necessary documents, and – in the client´s name – we will lodge a petition for the incorporation in (or removal of) the Companies Register kept at the competent Business Register Court. For already operating corporations, our law firm offers a review of any and all instruments (such as the Memorandum, Articles of Association) and contracts (contract on performance of an office in a company´s Board of Directors) consistent with the provisions of the new Civil Code and the Act on Corporations.

Respecting the wishes and needs of the client, we draw up any and all types of contractual documents (such as, e.g., contract for the transfer of share in business, contract for work, and suchlike). Upon client´s request, we will examine the contract of the counterparty and develop a list of comments and replenishments in support of the client.

For our clients we moreover render legal assistance in the area of law on securities (i.e. stocks, bonds, promissory notes, cheques). In case of promissory notes and cheques, we will prepare a proposal for issue of an exchange/cheque order, and will represent the client before a court in promissory note or cheque proceedings.

Further, our law firm provides services in areas of syndicate law, and economic competition law, respectively.