Aliens law is an area embracing in particular asylum- and visa-related issues, including the so-called residence issues (i.e. various types of permits for residence in the territory of the Czech Republic issued for foreigners coming from the European Union and/or third countries, such as, e.g., long-term residence permits, temporary residence permits, or permanent residence permits). Within the same category fall issues concerning employment, studies, and entrepreneurship of foreigners.

Our office prides itself with longstanding experience in the domain described hereabove, particularly with representation of foreigners in proceedings on issuance of a long-term or temporary residence permit, respectively. In case that a negative decision is issued in residence permit proceedings by the Ministry of the Interior, our law firm provides legal assistance required to draft an appeal against the decision or, as the case may be, to subsequently draw up an action to the Administrative Court. In each and every case, representation of the client before the respective authorities is offered.

Moreover, we ensure representation in asylum procedures or, as the case may be, any and all particulars and representation in naturalization proceedings.